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Broaden the horizon of possibilities

Enhanced performance via sustainable and economic carbon nanofibers

Green path over
greenhouse gases

Carbonova is a technology company developing a solution to produce high-volume superior carbon nanofibers (Carbonova fiber) for use in massive market applications.

Carbon Nanofibers -  Carbonova Fiber - Tube

Carbonova technology utilizes huge amounts of greenhouse gas feedstocks annually and turns them into a sustainable and valuable solid commodity.

The company owns the proprietary process and catalysts formulation. With headquarters in Alberta, Carbonova is on track to building the first large scale commercial carbon nanofibers unit in Canada.

"Lines from a row of tanks feed two greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide and methane, into a chamber the size and shape of a wasp’s nest. Less than a minute later, the other end spits out carbon fibre, a more valuable material that is used in cars, planes, golf clubs and other useful things."

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Our Products

Carbon nanofiber is a material with extraordinary mechanical, thermal, electrical, and chemical properties. It has applications in a wide variety of industries including transportation vehicles, concrete, electronic devices, textiles, ink, coatings, lubricants, tires, and agriculture.

We produce carbon nanofiber from a novel process that utilises carbon dioxide and methane. Our feedstocks have low cost and high global warming impacts, and we transform them into a material that is valuable and in demand.

Carbonova Technology: Key Differences

Valuable and in Demand - Ruby Programming Language Icon

Valuable and in demand

Carbon nanofiber is 40 times stronger and 4 times lighter than steel. It even created a new category of super ultrahigh strength allowing us to broaden the horizon of what we consider "possible". Space elevator anyone?

Low energy demand and cost - Recycling Icon

Low energy demand and cost

The Carbonova cycle recovers and recycles the excess heat and uses a unique catalyst surface chemistry. This both speeds up and reduces the energy input required to break carbon dioxide and form carbon nanofiber.
The high energy demand and cost of raw materials are the main cost components of current production means, our process is able to solve both!

Utilizes GHGs - Clouds Icon

Utilizes GHGs

Highly scalable - Electricity, charge, lightning icon

Highly scalable

Our unique process is not only able to transform carbon dioxide but also methane - which is 30 times more impactful in global warming. With over 140 billion cubic meters flared into the atmosphere annually, capturing methane into carbon nanofibers opens up doors to further recycle greenhouse gases from landfills, biomass, and natural gas reservoirs with high carbon dioxide content.

Carbonova technology is similar in many aspects to conventional catalytic processes, performing in a continuous flow mode with a high rate of conversion. It does not have the complications and limitations of other processes such as plasma, laser, and electrochemical processes.

Carbonova Fibers Applications

The potential for carbon nanofibers is endless and new possibilities will only be discovered as we continue moving towards the future.

Metal Displacement Hexagon - Carbonova Fiber Reinforced Polymers

Metal displacement

Carbonova fiber reinforced polymers

Carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP) with enhanced mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties are replacing metals (steel and aluminium) in many applications

Rubber, elastomer, tire

Carbonova fiber enhanced rubber

Carbon nanofibers increases rolling resistance, abrasion resistance, and wet grip for increased traction in tire manufacturing.

Rubber, Elastomer, Tire Hexagon - Carbonova Fiber Enhanced Rubber
Lubricant Hexagon - Carbonova Fiber Modified Oil And Water Based Fluids


Carbonova fiber modified oil and water based fluids

Carbonova nanofibers reduce the friction coefficient and enhance wear resistance. Moreover, carbon nanofibers are benign in the harsh thermal and chemical environment, they offer high thermal dissipation and electrical conductivities for well logging applications.

Electronic devices

Carbonova fiber batteries and capacitors

Carbon fibers have high electrical conductivity and are currently being used in electronic devices such as batteries, capacitors, and transistors.

Ink and Coating Hexagon - Carbonova Fiber Based Coatings
Electronic Devices Hexagon - Carbonova Fiber Batteries And Capacitors

Ink and coating

Carbonova fiber based coatings

Carbon nanofibers enhances the strength and wear resistance of coatings. They also provide a conductive network in the coating and lowers the need for sacrificial metal for corrosion control coatings.


Carbonova fiber micronutrients

Carbon nanofibers have very high surface area and are able to absorb and store some other components. They can absorb essential micronutrients and release it to the soil slowly.

Agriculture Hexagon - Carbonova Fiber Micronutrients
Mina Zarabian Profile - Co-founder - CEO of Carbonova Technology

Mina Zarabian

Board of Directors

Dr. Mina Zarabian is a graduate from chemical engineering at the University of Calgary. She is the co-inventor of Carbonova technology, and has proven records of leadership with over 10 years of research experience in materials engineering, catalytic processes, and clean energy innovations. She is a greenSTEM fellow and is pursuing business and technical development of carbonova technology.

Our partners

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“The program is a win-win for everyone involved,” Dr. Wilson says. “Our students are provided the necessary support they need to bring their knowledge to market, and these highly qualified professionals have the opportunity to continue their work locally.”

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Pedro Pereira Almao - Co-founder - Process Development Lead of Carbonova Technology

Pedro Pereira Almao

Board of Directors

Dr. Pedro Pereira Almao is internationally recognised for his work on the development of catalysts and catalytic processes for heavy oil upgrading. He is the co‑inventor of Carbonova technology and is currently leading the technical development team at the University of Calgary. In addition, he also brings strong technology business and management experience.


Sue Riddell Rose

Board of Directors

Ms. Riddell Rose is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Perpetual and predecessor Paramount Energy
Trust since inception in 2002. Prior thereto she was the Chief Operating Officer for Paramount Resources Ltd. and prior thereto a geological engineer with Shell Canada Limited. Ms. Riddell Rose graduated from Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario in 1986 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Geological Engineering. She is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers.


Robert Lehodey

Board of Directors

Robert (Bob) is partner at Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP, Bob has extensive experience in the areas of corporate, securities, oil and gas and general commercial matters. His practice is transactional in nature in spanning public company, private company and mega project transactions and including corporate mergers and acquisitions, public offerings and private placements of equity and debt securities, purchase and sale of assets and shares, corporate restructurings, together with all associated contract negotiations and preparation.

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Carbonova has teamed up with NanosTech, an APEGA registered and experienced company for engineering and scale-up, and with the University of Calgary, the Canadian leader in the energy and environment,  to optimize and test the products at progressive scales. Carbonova Corp. does not directly offer or supply engineering services.

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