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The Full Story


We create advanced materials from a sustainable path utilizing CO2. 

With our low marginal cost and environmentally friendly production, we help our customers to generate strong economic value while protecting the environment. We turn waste greenhouse gases into carbon nanomaterial, a building block with multifunctional properties that surpasses the alternative materials in combination of strength, durability, elasticity, and lightness.

Problem Statement and the solution Carbonova provides

To get from 50 billion tons greenhouse gas emissions to zero emissions future, we have to build almost everything around us differently. Our homes, our cars, our cloth, our electronics require a sustainable building block. We need to stop depleting our natural resources such as fossil fuels, forests, and valuable minerals. We need to stop generating large waste and pollutions in a short life cycle. Instead, we need to use science and technologies to recover our waste streams and look at them as our new untapped resources.


Our mission is to help integrate waste gas streams into product value chains to create value for our employees, our customers, our suppliers, our shareholders, and our environment / community.

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